What you need to know about recycling during the holidays

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons and all those gifts set great scenes for the holidays, but not so much at the curb, drop-off site and at recycling centers. Each year, 25 million extra tons of waste pour in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day by the gift giving tied to Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa celebrations.

Please check with local recycling and city collection service providers to confirm what items can be recycled curbside or through the community drop-off this season.

To help, we offered these holiday tips for customers to make environmentally responsible choices.

After opening gifts, remember to remove the wrapping paper, bows and ribbons from the boxes, please flatten and recycle those white and brown boxboard and corrugated boxes.

The most common non-recyclables contaminating the recycling waste stream during the holiday season include bubble wrap, cellophane, string/rope, ribbons and bows, and Styrofoam and other forms of polystyrene foam.

Remember to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Happy Holidays!

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