MinnKota Recycling promotes “Cans for Cats Cradle Shelter”

Fargo, ND

MinnKota is teaming up with Cats Cradle Shelter in the month of October and providing a 1 cent per pound match for all aluminum cans collected at the Fargo and Moorhead redemption centers. Aluminum cans and other sorted recyclables may be donated to the Cats Cradle Shelter at any MinnKota redemption center.

The entire month will be dedicated to fostering efforts to promote the value of Cats Cradle Shelter’s mission to create a more humane and compassionate world one cat at a time. Cats Cradle Shelter rescues, cares for, protects, and places cats for adoption in loving lifelong homes, and works to prevent abuse, neglect and cruelty to animals by educating the citizens of our community in the proper and humane care of not only cats but all animals.

MinnKota also pays 2 cents per pound for sorted recyclables that are delivered to the redemption centers and may be donated to a charity of your choice or directly to Cats Cradle Shelter during the entire month of October.

#1 and #2 Plastic Bottles: 2 cents per pound
Magazines: 2 cents per pound
Newspapers: 2 cents per pound
Sorted Office Paper: 2 cents per pound
Steel and Tin Cans: 2 cents per pound

You can help your favorite qualified charity by donating your recycling proceeds to it during the month of October and still help the Cats Cradle Shelter with the 1 cents match from MinnKota. The value of your recyclables will be donated to the charity you select from the list of over 180 charities that are registered with MinnKota.

In the month of October, the charities not only receive the street price for your aluminum cans and sorted recyclables, but Cats Cradle Shelter will also receive additional matching funds for your recycling efforts.

List of MinnKota’s Redemption Centers:
901 4th Ave N 5, Fargo ND
12 North Hwy 59, Detroit Lakes, MN
1321 1st Ave N, Moorhead, MN
2004 DeMers Avenue, Grand Forks, ND

Visit our website at www.minnkota.biz or call 701-293-8428 for a recycling guide or a list of approved charities.

For more information contact:
MinnKota EnviroServices, Inc.
d/b/a MinnKota Recycling and MinnKota Secured Document Destruction
Mary Aldrich – Sales Manager
P.O. Box 1864
809 4th Avenue North
Fargo, ND 58107
701-293-8428 1-800-726-3149

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