MinnKota Secured Document Destruction's Mission Statement

"To protect client information as if it were our own and deliver reliable and responsive service to all of our clients."

MinnKota's Document Destruction Advantages

MinnKota is a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) “AAA” certified service provider for both plant-based (off-site) and mobile (on-site) destruction of printed media and computer hard drives.

Cost Effective - Destruction charges are based on weight or per container.

Convenient - With MinnKota's destruction process, there is no need to separate paper, remove staples, or paper clips and binder clips - saving your company time and money.

Security Assurance - From the time the documents are picked up, to the time your materials are completely destroyed, your confidential materials are always secure.

Environmental Responsibility - The shredded paper is baled and transported to paper mills that pulverize and recycle the material into new paper products. In doing so, approximately 17 trees are saved for every ton of paper recycled.

Secured Document Destruction Service

A client specialist from MinnKota will meet with you to discuss your company’s document destruction needs. After agreeing to the appropriate services and schedule, secure containers will be delivered and placed at your business. As dictated by the agreed to schedule, a collection specialist will stop by to collect all documents for destruction and either transport them to MinnKota’s secured facility for destruction within 3 business days or destroy them at you property using the mobile destruction unit. .

With off-site (plant based) services all materials are securely transported from your business to MinnKota's destruction facility. With on-site (mobile shredding) all material is shredded at the customer’s location. After all materials have been destroyed, a certificate of destruction is provided, verifying that all materials have been destroyed. All destroyed materials are compressed into bales and recycled. For highly sensitive material or if your business requires it, MinnKota can accomodate client observation, which allows you to view the destruction process.

Secure Document Destruction – Commercial - Off-site (Plant-based)

The MinnKota off-site (plant based) shredding facility located at, 809 4th Avenue North, Fargo, North Dakota, is a secured facility that is monitored by a camera surveillance system 24-hours per day, 7 days a week.  The system views the entire unloading and destruction process areas.  MinnKota’s facility is only accessible to authorized personnel involved in the document destruction process.  When the building is unoccupied it is secured by an alarm system which is monitored by Electro Watchman.

MinnKota’s plant based facility uses an industrial sized Ameri-Shred HP shredder. NAID AAA certification requires material to be shredded to less than 5/8 inch strips. MinnKota’s shredder shreds material into ½ inch strips.  Once shredded, the material is compressed into approximately 1,400 pound bales and securely stored until it is shipped to a recycling mill where it is pulverized and made into new paper products.

Secure Document Destruction – Commercial - On-site (Mobile)

With the addition of an International truck with a mounted Vecoplan shredder, MinnKota is able to drive to a customer’s location and shred their documents on-site.  Vecoplan single shaft shredders not only meet the highest standards of security, but are also world leaders in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Vecoplan shredders leave rough hewn edges with no clear lines to re-assemble which also adds an additional level of security as the material won’t come out in any particular order from the discharge of the shredder.  Material is then baled at our processing facility and shipped to a recycling mill where it is pulverized and made into new paper products.

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