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MinnKota Recycling and MinnKota Secured Document Destruction are registered trade names of MinnKota EnviroServices, Inc. a North Dakota corporation. MinnKota has been involved in aluminum beverage can (UBC) recycling since 1975, multiple material recycling since 1989 and document destruction since 1998. MinnKota was the first NAID AAA certified facility in North Dakota and also maintains the certification status in Minnesota.  Visit naidonline.org for more information on the NAID certification program.  MinnKota specializes in plant-based (off-site) and mobile (on-site) confidential document and hard drive destruction.

MinnKota is committed to providing quality services and products on a consistent basis, while maintaining a reliable operation, guided by industry quality standards. We encourage partnerships in waste management with governmental agencies, commercial customers, business alliances, and residents in regions across North Dakota and Minnesota. MinnKota operates five recycling facilities and provides services to over 2000 commercial accounts in this region and has been recognized as the “Best in North Dakota” by the State Department of Health. Major production mills from across the United States have also recognized MinnKota for their quality materials.

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Recycling Services

Commerical Recycling

MinnKota offers a variety of services for commercial businesses and governmental agencies. We provide monthly reporting, giving the recycling program credibility and tracking the program's success. Services include:

Cardboard Recycling

Collection services and containers are available. This helps offset your disposal costs. 

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Office Recycling 

Provides all necessary recycling containers for office paper, aluminum cans, magazines, newspapers and other recyclable material generated in the office. 

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Personal Services

Environmental issues have become so complex that many people feel they can have no impact on them. But there are some things we can all do to help and with MinnKota Recycling, you can make a difference!. When you recycle aluminum cans and sorted recyclables you will be paid for certain materials. Or your proceeds can be donated to charities in our area. Recycling not only helps the environment, it also helps the community in which we live.

It is the objective of MinnKota Recycling to encourage the reuse of valuable resources and to reduce the quantity of solid waste that must be land filled. We have convenient recycling center locations in Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota and Moorhead and Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. A wide variety of clean and sorted material can be recycled from both your home and business at any of these locations.

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Brokerage Services

MinnKota offers mill direct options for qualified truckloads of a variety of recyclable materials from government agencies and businesses. Whether it is 100 tons per day or 20 tons per year, MinnKota’s key alliances with mills and national accounts allow consistent movement of materials. Whether by truck or containers, MinnKota Recycling provides timely pickup of material, competitive pricing and prompt payment. Let MinnKota help you with your recyclable materials.

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Secured Document Destruction


MinnKota Secured Document Destruction is a NAID “AAA” certified plant-based (off-site) and mobile (on-site) confidential document destruction service provider in North Dakota and Minnesota. MinnKota is also endorsed by NAID for hard drive destruction. Visit www.naidonline.org for more information on the NAID certification program.

Services are available daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or as needed.  One-time services are available for relocations and end of year clean outs. 

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Reduce your risk and find peace of mind on identity theft issues by having your personal documents (personal income tax information, bank statements, credit card offers, unwanted junk mail and other documents) and hard drives destroyed by MinnKota Secured Document Destruction, a AAA NAID certified company. MinnKota will accept and destroy documents and hard drives at its central location located at 809 4th Ave. North, Fargo, ND. For larger volumes, please call ahead, 701-293-8428, for an appointment and instructions. For smaller personal quantities, please call or stop by.

For your convenience, MinnKota also has a shred bag which may be purchased for $5.00 by individuals to make it easy and convenient to transport your sensitive materials to MinnKota for destruction 

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Electronic media and devices are a rapidly growing part of our waste stream. Most of this e-scrap contains confidential information. In the wrong hands, the misuse of this information could have dire consequences.

MinnKota has been endorsed by NAID for destruction of computer hard drives. The AMS -150 Hard Drive Shredder shreds the hard drive into 1 ½” shred width rendering the hard drives completely destroyed. Our destruction method eliminates the risk and protects your company from compliance violations. Once the hard drives are destroyed each customer will receive a certificate of destruction to document the total destruction of these items. 

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